Why don't I feel any effects?

The number one reason people may not feel the effects is lack of or poor sleep. Qualia works along the same pathways in the brain that move your memories from short to long term storage when you are in deep sleep.
If those pathways are blocked or unavailable due to lack of or poor sleep, you will not feel Qualia working.
If that is the case, the best advice is to stop taking Qualia and work on your sleep. Take 3-5 days and get as much sleep as you can. Rest up and then try Qualia again and see if you notice the difference.
Here is the rest of the best advice to get the most out of Qualia:

Qualia is going to be most effective in addition to a performance optimizing lifestyle, and least effective in a performance damaging lifestyle.

Things that can make it most effective:
Follow the instructions.
Get good sleep. If you’re not sleeping enough or well, the product will not work.
Get good nutrition. Qualia is designed to work with additional chemistries not included in this stack that are part of any healthy diet. If you’re not eating well, this product might not work well.
Get moving. Your body fluids need to circulate. If you’re not getting exercise and movement, it’s not going to work as well.
Things that can make it less effective:
Not following the instructions
Not enough healthy fats in your diet
Caffeine desensitization
Too small a dose
Not drinking enough water
Cannabis or alcohol use
Desensitization from other past stimulants or psychotropic drugs or meds
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