Can Qualia cause headaches?

A very small percentage of people have reported some kind of headache or head pressure after beginning Qualia. If the headache feels severe or bothersome, discontinue use and contact us for a refund. If it simply feels like some pressure and you want to explore it, lower the dose and see how it feels.

Some people can get pressure in the head or correspondingly in the neck or jaw from elevating their levels of acetylcholine. There are a number of ingredients in Qualia that are designed to elevate acetylcholine. Some people are more sensitive to this than others. If that's the case, lowering the dose is often times enough to abate this.

Also, many people who did feel some head pressure at first continued with their experimentation at the same dose and reported that their headaches went away within a week as their bodies adjusted.

For Qualia Original Stack in particularly lowering the dose of Step 2is often times enough to abate this. You also can explore taking just Step 1 and see how you feel. If the headache is gone, then you can try adding Step 2 slowly, since most of the cholinergic's are in Step 2. The goal is to get to a level that feels good.


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