Feeling a lack of and/or too much energy?

Feeling over-energized?

The dose may be too high for you. We suggest taking a day off then trying again with a lower dose. 


Feeling tired or fatigued?

Feeling some fatigue when first starting Qualia is sometimes experienced by a small percentage of users. The brain uses glucose-energy faster than muscles do, so when someone is really up-regulating their cognitive utilization (as you are when taking Qualia), just like when someone starts working out a lot, they can feel tired and need more rest and repair time. 

You may want to try a lower dose of Step 2 to start with, allowing your body to acclimate. For many, this fatigue abates as their bodies adjust within a week or 2. If it does not, and you find that this current formulation isn't the right match for your chemistry, let us know and we'll be happy to issue a refund.

Get good sleep. Eat well. Move your body. If you’re fading early in your productive workday, you can try a small secondary booster dose of Step One, on an empty stomach. Also, make sure you are being realistic about how much you should actually be able to accomplish in one day.
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