Do we ship internationally?

We do!

International orders can be placed on the Neurohacker Shop page.

The 62 countries we ship to can be found via the dropdown menu on both the Subscription and Single Purchase option the Neurohacker Shop page.

If your country does not appear therein:

1. Orders for other countries can be placed via Lucky Vitamin

2. If neither of the above workarounds work for you, please fill out our International Shipping Interest Form so that we can keep track and notify you when we begin shipping to your country.


International shipping Cost and Fees

Shipping cost is $12.95

Estimated shipping time is 15-22 days, which can vary, depending on the country.

Of note: International shipments may be delayed past this estimated ship time due to customs protocols in the corresponding country. You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking code once the order ships so that you're able to track it's current whereabouts.

**Customers are responsible for paying any international VAT, sales tax, or custom duties. As each country is unique in this regard, we're unable to speak to each country specifically. This is a topic of empowered responsibility for you to explore. 

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