How do I change the shipping address on my subscription?

You can access and update the shipping address on your subscription via your account on the Neurohacker site.

To do so:
1. Login to your account on the Neurohacker site:
2. Click on the 'Subscription' tab, found on the left hand side
3. From there, select the 'View' button on your current subscription
4. Click on the 'Change Address' button on this page, which will prompt a Shipping Address form.
5. Edit, update and 'Save Address' accordingly.

This will change the shipping address for your subscription + any future shipments. If your subscription is currently processing your next order, this shipping address change will not transfer to the in-process order. Please contact as soon as possible for assistance altering your shipping address for processing orders. If an order has already shipped, we're unable to alter the shipping address. 

If you're altering your shipping address for temporary reasons, such as vacation, work or travel, be sure to login to your account and update your shipping address accordingly once you return.

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