Is this dose-dependent based on body weight?

Great question. 

Typically the standard recommended dose is applicable across the board except for a small percentage of people. Body weight can be one factor that requires dosage adjustment, as can highly sensitive or de-sensitized systems. With this in mind, we recommend starting with the standard dose, and then, if needed, making any adjustments from there. 

To that end, quality sleep is actually more important than body weight when it comes to feeling the optimal effects. Qualia works along the same pathways in the brain that move your memories from short to long term storage when you are in deep sleep. If those pathways are blocked or unavailable due to lack of and/or poor sleep, you will not feel it working. We recommend that prior to taking Qualia (as well as while on it), be sure to work on your sleep and get as much rest as you, ensuring proper optimization and resulting effects, no matter what your body weight. 

The length of time to notice the effects can vary, but in general, you'll be able to feel the subjective, full effects as it relates to mental focus, energy and clarity within as little as 20 minutes. If you do not, and if your sleep is on par with the info outlined above, then we'd recommend increasing your dosage. 

Everyone's chemistry is unique, and if the standard dosage does not match for your needs, we encourage experimenting and adjusting to find your optimal intake. 



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