Can I take Qualia while Intermittent Fasting?

*Qualia Original Stack and Qualia Mind

Taking Qualia while employing intermittent fasting can absolutely work hand-in-hand.

Qualia Mind 

Take with water first thing in the morning before eating. If stomach upset occurs, take with lunch instead. We do, however, recommend taking at least 8 hours before bed. 

Qualia Original Stack

Take Step 1 first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. After Step 1, it's fine to wait longer than 30 min. between Step 1 and Step 2, in accordance with your fasting window. 

30 min. is the minimal time to wait, since that's the time it takes water to leave your stomach, so all the ingredients are diluted and absorbed by your system and thus won't be fighting for Step 2 ingredient absorption. Waiting longer than 30 min. before taking Step 2, however, will not diminish the effects. 

We do, however, recommend taking Step 2 at least 8 hours before bed. 

And please be sure to eat a full meal with Step 2 when you do break your fast. The nutrients in Step 2, especially the B vitamins, can be intense on the GI tract if taken without food. For optimal absorption, and to avoid any stomach sensitivity, nausea or discomfort, Step 2 must be taken with a full meal that includes healthy fats, such as avocado, coconut, olives/olive oil or nuts and seeds. 

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