Who should take Qualia Vision?

The simplest answer is “most of us.” Qualia Vision was specifically formulated for people who spend more than a few hours a day looking at screens on computers, tablets, smartphones, and TVs. Modern screens place high demands on the visual system and photostress on the eyes. Since almost all of us are using screens for some combination of work, learning, leisure time, and social activities, we can use the extra antioxidant and blue light protection support found in Qualia Vision.* Groups we specifically had in mind when creating Qualia Vision were:

  • Young professionals that are on computers as part of their job;
  • Students that need to view screens to do their school and homework;
  • The digitally connected who spend a lot of their day interacting with digital screens for work, learning, play, and staying socially connected;
  • Gamers that can benefit from extra eye protection support, better visual performance, and faster visual processing speed;
  • Middle-aged or older persons, because older eyes can benefit from more antioxidant and nutritional support; 
  • Parents trying to manage a teenager's screen time, since taking a supplement to protect the eyes from excessive screen time may be easier than getting a teen to change screen time behaviors.
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