Does Qualia contain caffeine?

 7 capsules of Mind contains approximately 90 mg of caffeine; slightly less than the amount in an average 8 oz. coffee. We use Coffeeberry® (caffeine).

Qualia is not intended as a strong stimulant. The relatively small amount of caffeine is to help potentiate the effects of the primary ingredients. There is a synergistic relationship between the caffeine and other ingredients targeting transmitter chemistry. A small amount of central nervous system stimulation seems to be able to increase the uptake and utilization of a number of other ingredients.

If your system is sensitive to caffeine, it can be helpful to begin with a smaller does of Mind (i.e. 4 capsules), instead of the standard, recommended dose of 7. 


For those who are unable to consume caffeine, and find they have an inverse reaction we have a caffeine-free alternative.


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