Can this increase anxiety?

Though not common, a small percentage of people who have taken Qualia have noticed some increased level of anxiety when initially taken. Typically these are people who also notice an increased level of anxiety from caffeine related sources.
If you have a strong anxiety experience we suggest discontinuing Qualia use and contacting us for a refund, as this may not be the right formulation from you. If it is a milder experience on par with what you would experience with a cup of coffee and its something you would want to explore further, you can look at lowering or adjusting the dose accordingly.
You may also choose to use Qualia in conjunction with more exercise, meditation and other activities that help address anxiety. Some people who are experienced neurohackers and want to dial in their own chemistry have reported choosing to take additional nutritional supplements (i.e. phosphorus, 5htp, magnesium 3 & 8, GABA, or other calming herbs along with Qualia, or, before bed) which help attenuate those kinds of experiences. If you feel well educated and wish to explore responsibly on your own, or if you have appropriate medical support to guide you in this, it may be a topic that you will want to address with them.
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