Has anyone reported body soreness, tightness, or aches?

A small percentage of people have reported muscle tightness or soreness, particularly in the neck, shoulders or jaw. Some of those people may also report some sense of pressure in the head. This is most likely the result of choline sensitivity. People have various tolerances for choline and various choline sensitivities. There are a number of ingredients in Qualia that are designed to elevate acetylcholine levels. While this has many benefits, if it is more than someone's sensitivity is currently capable of processing, it can result in muscle tightness or soreness.

If it is intense or concerning, we recommend immediately discontinuing use and contacting us for a refund.

If it is mild and you want to explore further, you can try getting off the product for a few days to normalize and starting again at a lower dose and see if it is gone. Specifically, most of the cholinergics are in Step 2. As such, a number of people have just taken Step 1 and have found that they were fine, then increased the dose of Step 2 progressively to a level that their body handled. If this is something you want to explore, we invite that exploration. Some people who have reported soreness reported that it went away even at a full dose after about a week because their bodies adjusted. These symptoms can also dissipate or disappear entirely after they started exercising more and actually utilizing more of the chemistry. These are all things you are welcome to explore.

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