How long will it take for me to tell if it’s working?

The length of time to notice Qualia's effects can vary, but many report a discernible increase in focus and clarity within as little as 20 minutes. Step One ingredients are largely purposed for prompt effects, whereas Step Two ingredients are geared toward the long term effects and benefits of Qualia.

The short term effects will last between a few hours and a few days depending on how much you take and your specific metabolism. The long term effects like more neurons and synaptic connections can last a long time if you take care of your brain.

Qualia was designed to support the integrity of the natural pathways that mediate cognitive and performative functions, leaving a healthier, more balanced regulatory system even after discontinuing use. So while some of the ingredients give you immediate benefits or benefits for a few days, other ingredients are busy actually building more neurons and synapses, repairing cell walls, etc. The result is that if you use Qualia for months, you should benefit from a system upgrade – not just an enhancement.


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