Instructions for Qualia Original Stack

Use Instructions:

Qualia is a two-step formula. Qualia Step One is to be taken when you first wake up on an empty stomach with water, and Qualia Step Two is to be taken with a meal at least a 30 minutes after Step-One, normally with either breakfast, or lunch. Note that for many, a light beverage with Step-One, such as coffee or tea, is OK and does not inhibit its effect.

Determining Correct Dosage:

The ideal amount of Step One or Step Two to take each day varies slightly depending on factors such as your chemistry, weight and ingredient sensitivity. The most common daily amount for ideal effect is 3 pills of Step One, and 9 pills of Step Two. When beginning use, you may want to start by taking less of each, to ensure it is well tolerated, such as 2 pills of Step One, and 6 pills of Step Two. We recommend keeping the 1:3 ratio of Step One amount to Step Two for daily dosage.

Cycling Your Use:

To avoid desensitization of effect, use of Qualia should be cycled. We recommend taking 2 days off each week from Qualia use, either in consecutive or non-consecutive days. We also recommend taking 1 week off from Qualia use every 3 months.

For Best Effects:

Qualia was designed to work for those getting adequate sleep, in generally good health, and practicing good self-care. Please read our full medical disclaimer on our website to make sure Qualia is right for you.  Good/adequate sleep is the number one issue preventing users from getting the desired effects from Qualia.  If you are not getting the results you were expecting, stop taking Qualia and work on getting enough sleep and try Qualia again.  

Medical Disclaimer:

You should not take Qualia if you are on any SSRI or MAOI medication, nor is Qualia intended to treat or cure any medical condition. You should consult a physician prior to taking Qualia if you have any questions or concerns regarding Qualia as it relates to your unique medical history and prescribed medications. Please read our full medical disclaimer on our website prior to use.

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