Can I take Mind in addition to other supplements?

We can't comment on the merits of other, specific supplements and any possible interactions. We can generally say that Mind should be fine with other general dietary supplements that you have already taken and have found to be good for you, if they are taken at separate times. In general we recommend empowered responsibility and conducting your own deep research regarding chemistry and interactions, and also finding good practitioners who can support you with additional customized insight.

We do recommend that Mind be taken by itself, meaning that if you take another supplement, you take it with a later meal (lunch or dinner) so there is no competition for absorption. Then, if you are a quantified self biohacker, understand the field and want to explore further, or you have a guiding physician, then proceed accordingly. Many people who use Mind are biohackers or neurohackers who take many other supplements and vary the supplements they take based on their activities and training regimens and personalized needs. There are certainly nutrients, herbs, etc.... that can be beneficial for someone beyond what is in Mind. If you are educated about this topic and feel competent to self-direct and/or have a good practitioner guiding you, then proceed accordingly.

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