Qualia Mind Vs Qualia Original Stack

What is the difference between Qualia Mind and Qualia Original Stack?

Qualia Mind was formulated to be Qualia 2.0. We took all of the feedback from our community we received in the 2 years of Qualia being available and continually worked to make design improvements.  Qualia Mind is the result of those efforts.

We streamlined the intake and were able to reduce it from two bottles, two steps, and created a simplified 1 step product with less capsules to take.

The design goal was to make it just as effective as Qualia Original Stack while being much easier to utilize.


Qualia Mind has quickly become our new main product based on our customs feedback and thus we have now taken Qualia Oringal Stack off from our websites main pages.



For the full list of the ingredients in Mind, why they were chosen, and the research behind them, please review the formulation section:

For additional insight into how Neurohacker Collective  Qualia: The Complex Intelligence Behind Its Formulationand Neurohacker Dosing Principles to better understand some of the thought processes behind the formulation.

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