Nootropics: The Intelligence & Design Behind Qualia Formulation

Qualia nootropics were designed to promote a sustained improvement across the whole pallet of objective capacities and subjective states that contribute to optimized, creative, productive flow states, including:

  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Fluid Intelligence
  • Thinking Effectiveness
  • Emotional State

Human capabilities and subjective experiences—including flow state—are mediated by biological processes in our brain and physiology. Many nootropics are focused on only optimizing neurochemistry for short-term effects. At Neurohacker Collective, we’re interested in going several steps further.

While delivering immediate short-term effects, we take a longer-term approach and support cognitive health benefits, including neuron and synapse development, mitochondrial fitness, cell structure integrity, and neural complexity.

To do so, we took into account:

  • Neurochemistry
  • Neural Structure and Function
  • Systems Support

We mapped all of the physiological pathways and process known to correlate to such states. We then explored the complex interactions between these pathways to better understand the meta-regulatory system as a whole. Finally, we mapped all the nutrients and biochemical interventions known to positively and sustainably enhance any (and every) aspect of that metasystem, factoring for synergies between those nutrients and chemicals. The result is our Qualia nootropic product line.

Check out the Qualia Nootropics: The Complex Intelligence Behind the Formulation article to dig even deeper. 

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