Can I take Qualia Life in addition to one of the Qualia Mind/Focus products?

Yes you can take Qualia Life with Qualia Mind or Qualia Focus. 

When we designed Qualia Life, we did so understanding people would take it with Qualia Mind or Qualia Focus. Because of this, we made sure that the products, when combined, wouldn’t be giving too much of any individual nutrient. We are not a “more is better” company when it comes to the formulation of our products. It was very important to us to make sure the amounts of every ingredient would stay within a safe range when this product was taken with Qualia Mind or Qualia Focus.

A subset of persons taking Qualia Mind in our testing of Qualia Life mentioned that the two together were a lot of capsules to take for them. For other people, this wasn’t an issue. This is one of the reasons we are also producing Qualia Life as the Eternus sachets.

While we’ve found that people often respond to Qualia Mind or Qualia Focus better when it’s taken without food, there’s a lot more flexibility on when you take Qualia Life. The important thing is finding a routine that works best for you.

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