Can I take Qualia Life while intermittent fasting?

We haven’t studied Qualia Life in combination with intermittent fasting, so we don’t know whether in the real world it would help or hinder the response to this behavior. Because of this, we wouldn’t recommend taking it while intermittent fasting, but this is mostly for theoretical reasons. Some of the ingredients in Qualia Life, especially many of the ingredients that have plant polyphenol compounds, support some of the same cellular and mitochondrial processes that are achieved by intermittent fasting, so it might augment the response to fasting. This formulation contains several amino acid ingredients (HMB, L-carnitine, L-tryptophan, NAC, creatine). We are not sure whether these would interfere with any aspects of intermittent fasting. Our general recommendation for Eternus is to take it with food and not during a time of fasting.

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