Who is Qualia Life for?

Qualia Life can be taken by any adults, but the groups we had in mind when we formulated and tested it include:

  • Middle-age people who want to promote healthy aging.
  • Older people wanting to feel more alive and experience more healthy years.
  • Adults with chronic stress who want to do more to help their body better respond better.
  • Persons with interest in supporting metabolic function and/or promoting better shape.
  • Anyone with a big interest in healthy aging and supporting the fundamental mechanisms related to aging gracefully.

In our testing, we have seen more noticeable positive functional and performance enhancements in persons who were 35 and older than in younger adults. This makes sense because cellular and mitochondrial functions need more support as we age.


For a deep dive into the design behind Qualia Life, please review https://neurohacker.com/qualia-life-putting-the-healthy-aging-puzzle-together

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