Why do you recommend taking it for 5 days followed by 2 days off?

Neurohacker Collective uses a model of science called complex systems science. One of the core principles is adaptation. Living organisms are experts at adapting to things. Exercise is an excellent example of this. When we start a new exercise program muscles, and other systems like the heart and lungs, adapt to it which allows us to perform better. To optimize our response to exercise, we need to perform it and aso allow enough time to recover from it. Because of this, a good trainer or coach wouldn’t have a person do the same exercise every day (i.e., continuous exercise); they’d have them take days off (i.e., intermittent exercise). By doing something intermittently, instead of continuously, we typically get more benefits and we continue to get benefits over long periods of time. Intermittent fasting is another example. During the fast, the body gets rid of some dysfunctional parts of cells and mitochondria. After the fast, during refeeding, it builds new better ones. Both the fasting and refeeding play a role. Unless there’s something a person needs to do or take everyday we think it’s a good general strategy to take breaks from it.

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