What should I expect when taking Qualia Life?

Depending on health, age, and other factors, what you experience will vary. In the biohacker and quantified self communities, you’ll run across the acronym YMMV. This stands for “your mileage may vary.” It means that every person does not respond identically to the same thing. YMMV is seen with diet, exercise, sleep needs, and circadian preferences (i.e., some people are morning people; others are night people). It’s also seen with dietary supplements. Because of this, there’s a growing movement for what are called N-of-1 (or one person) experiments.

Not surprisingly, in our testing of Eternus, we saw YMMV in action, when we look at the group as a whole (ranging in age from early 20’s to 70’s). Functional improvements individual people noticed varied. While most people noticed something, they did not all experience the same things.

About 6 out of 10 participants noticed higher energy and motivation levels. Close to the same number felt like they were better able to handle stress. Just over half felt a benefit in productivity … they were getting more meaningful work done than usual. For a few of them this was especially noticeable late in the day or in the evening, time periods when they would normally have exhausted their drive to be productive. Half of the group felt like the product allowed them to deal better with complex problems. About 4 out of 10 noticed a positive difference in their workouts. Almost one out of three people noticed an improvement in their sleep.

*Proprietary consumer study of 71 adults supplemented with 8 capsules a day, 5 days a week, for 3 weeks.


How soon will I notice something?

Eternus wasn’t designed to produce the type of immediate subjective response that our Qualia line of nootropics (Mind, Focus) are known for. Eternus is designed to give cells and mitochondria the nutritional support they need to work better. When they work better, we look, feel, and perform better … but this may take time.

Enhancing fundamental processes of cellular energy and mitochondrial performance is a slower process, because it gets to the roots of healthy aging, working from the ground up. In our testing, some people noticed some area of functional performance and/or subjective experience change almost immediately, many started to notice something within one week, but for most people it took a month of use.

It’s important to keep in mind that we don’t always feel a big difference as our cells and mitochondria slowly begin to perform better and produce more energy. Our senses are not as good at detecting slow, gradual enhancements as big, dramatic ones. It may be helpful to keep a journal of your experiences and how you are feeling over time so you can be more aware of those changes as they occur over time.

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