What should I do if I notice a side-effect and think it might be because of this product?

One of the interesting things found in studies is that placebos can have positive effects … and unwanted effects. The common side-effects seen from placebos match what are found in studies of dietary supplements and what we saw in our tolerability testing. These are minor complaints like headache, digestive disturbances, nausea, irritability, and fatigue. Most people don’t notice any of these unwanted responses. In the smaller subset of people who do, as a general rule of thumb, these types of complaints fade over time for most of them. They can also sometimes go away if you drink more water when you take the product, take it with a bigger meal, or decrease the dose you are taking. If one or more of these common symptoms seems particularly strong, or if you notice something other than one of the common side effects mentioned, please stop taking the product and let us know.

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