How does Qualia Nootropic Energy work?

How does Qualia Nootropic Energy work?

Qualia Nootropic Energy combines 12 scientifically studied ingredients to support a broad array of cognitive and athletic skills. N-acetyl-L-tyrosine and alpha-GPC act as building blocks for molecules in the dopamine and acetylcholine pathways used for attention, focus, learning, memory, and muscle activation. Nutrients like L-tryptophan and niacinamide help cells make energy. Coffeeberry® enhances alertness, processing speed and motor reflexes. L-theanine promotes focused attention and mental alertness, but does it in a way that supports a calm, relaxed energy. Herbal extracts of Celastrus paniculatus (the intellect tree), EnXtra® (Alpinia galanga) and Cereboost™ American Ginseng have been studied for promoting alertness, attention, memory, and energy, while alleviating mental fatigue and stress. nooLVLTM supports exercise performance by enhancing muscle blood flow. It also supports mental accuracy, focus, processing speed, and executive function. Blueberry and saffron extracts support cognition and visual performance. Read more about how Qualia Nootropic Energy works to give you more energy and support better performance in ______.

Does everyone notice a boost from Qualia Nootropic Energy?

In our product testing more than 4 of 5 (83%) people reported excellent and good responses to Qualia Nootropic Energy.☨ But, there was a small subset of people who didn’t notice as much of a boost.

☨Proprietary consumer study of adults who took Qualia Nootropic Energy for 5 days.

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