Yes, it’s fine to take vitamin C in combination with Qualia Immune. In fact, it's one of the ingredients we considered including in Qualia Immune. Because of vitamin C’s reputation for immune support, it was on the list of ingredients we researched. We did not include it for a combination of reasons. One of these reasons was capsule count. Qualia Immune has 19 immune supportive ingredients. We dose ingredients in meaningful amounts. The result is that the full recommended dose of Qualia Immune requires four capsules. Including vitamin C, even in the daily value amount of 90 mg, would have required increasing the dose to five capsules. It would have required six capsules to include a dose of 1 gram of vitamin C in Qualia Immune. While we are sensitive to capsules count, if the evidence of benefit is strong enough, it would take priority over the number of capsules. 

This brings us to the other reason vitamin C was not included in Qualia Immune. Vitamin C has been one of the most studied compounds for immune support. Individual study results have been inconsistent. In the largest meta-analysis—essentially a study of many vitamin C studies—supplementing the diet with vitamin C in amounts ranging from 200 mg to 2 grams had a modest benefit in some, and no benefit in others areas that reflect immune performance. There’s a truism that the enemy of the best is often the good. The idea is that an emphasis on good things can prevent us from focusing on the great things. We believe the evidence puts supplementing vitamin C in amounts significantly above the recommended daily allowance amount in the good category when it comes to immune support. We would have needed to feel it was in the great category to justify including in Qualia Immune. Having an adequate amount of vitamin C in the diet is critical for immune system function. However, it is not clear whether taking amounts significantly in excess of that is advantageous for creating a more intelligent immune system. 

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