How does Qualia Focus compare to the other Qualia nootropic products?

Qualia Focus was designed to deliver a wide range of cognitive benefits—alertness, energy, motivation, focus—over a sustained amount of the day in a low number of capsules and at an affordable price. In our pre-launch testing, it was experienced very similarly to the Qualia Nootropic Energy Shot.

But, it would be unfair to compare it to Neurohacker’s more premier nootropic formulas—Qualia Mind and Qualia Mind Essentials—which include a greater amount of nootropic ingredients since they use 7 and 5 capsules, respectively, and contain some ingredients that are much more costly.

We believe that Qualia Focus delivers exceptional value and stands on its own as a great nootropic stack; however, it does not offer the premium nootropic experience of Qualia Mind or Qualia Mind Essentials. 

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